Practice Test

Questions 1 – 2

Reading Text Translation
Put some excitement in your life…
with Adventure Tours
Visit the Grand Canyon

We offer two fantastic tour packages.
 Choose the one that’s right for you and your family

Package 1
∙ A horseback tour of the Grand Canyon (morning or afternoon)
∙ 2-day, 1-night accommodation at Canyon Caverns Hotel
∙ 15 % discount on rental car
∙ 20% discount at Grand Canyon souvenir shop
Adults 18-64………$120     Adults 65+….$100
Teens 13-17……….$80      Children 5-12…$60
Package 2
Includes everything from Package 1, PLUS
∙ 25% discount at Grand Canyon View Restaurant
∙ Free admission to Native American show
Adults 18-64………$140     Adults 65+….$120
Teens 13-17……….$100    Children 5-12…$80
For more information, call 1-80-555-4543
or visit us on the Web at

Adventure Toursとともに、あなたの生活に少しのにぎやかさを加えよう

Grand Canyonを探検します



ー乗馬してGrand Canyonを探検する(午前または午後)







13-17の子供…………..80$       5-12の子供………..60$



ーGrandCanyon Viewレストランでの25%割引

ーNative Americanの演奏を無料で視聴できる

18-64の大人……140$    65以上の大人….120$

13-17の子供…………..100$       5-12の子供………..80$




Key Questions Translation
1. B What discount is offered on the cost of renting a car?

(A) 10 percent
(B) 15 percent
(C) 20 percent
(D) 25 percent


(A) 10 %

(B) 15%

(C) 20%

(D) 25%

2. C How much would a 70 year-old person pay for a package that includes the Native American show?

(A) $80
(B) $100
(C) $120
(D) $140

70歳の人はNative Americanの演奏を含むパックにどれくらい払わなければなりませんか?

(A) 80$

(B) 100$

(C) 120$

(D) 140$

Questions 3 – 5

Reading Text Translation
To: Supervisors
From: Janelle Requia, Human Resources Director
Re: Vacations

As of January 1st we will institute a new vacation policy. All employees who have been working for the company two years or less will receive one week (five working days) of paid vacation per year. Employees who have been working here three to five years will receive two weeks (ten working days) of paid vacation per year. Employees who have been with the company five to ten years will receive three weeks (15 working days) of paid vacation per year. Employees who have been here more than 10 years will receive four weeks (20 working days) of paid vacation per year.

Please note that this does not affect current policies for sick days and personal leave. All employees, regardless of experience, will still receive five days of paid sick leave per year, as well as two days of paid personal leave. Please post the new vacation policy in your departments as soon as possible. Also, employee handbooks are being revised to reflect the changes in vacation policy. These handbooks should be ready within the next two weeks. When they are, you are responsible to distribute them to employees, and  to send us verification that each employee has received the handbook and understands the new vacation policy.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions, please contact me at extension 254 or the assistant HR director, Gladys Haynes, at extension 256.


差出人:Janelle Requia,人事課長




ご協力ありがとうございます。不明な点があれば、内線番号254で私に連絡するか、またはHR課長のアシスタントのGladys Haynesさんに内線番号256で連絡してください。

Key Questions Translation
3. D What is the main purpose of this memo?
(A) To inform all employees of sick-leave procedures
(B) To extend staff members’ vacation time
(C) To introduce the PR department
(D) To inform managers of a policy change






4. D When does the change take effect?

(A) Immediately
(B) Next week
(C) In three months
(D) At the start of the new year






5. B What should supervisors do if they have questions?

(A) Dial extension 526
(B) Contact a Human Resources director
(C) E-mail the company CEO
(D) Consult the employee handbook






Questions 6-9

Reading Text Translation
Dear Jean,
I wanted to write you a note to thank you. I am sorry that you felt disappointed that your work responsibilities were not what you expected. I have enjoyed having your assistance with my projects.

Although the tasks we handled were not as varied as you would have liked, just think about what you and I have accomplished since September. We organized the annual small business conference, updated the association’s Website, and answered scores of enquiries, many in great detail, from business owners who needed advice on a range of topics: loans, benefits, licensing, etc.

I feel the year has been very productive for both of us. You’ve been a congenial and conscientious assistant and all of us have the highest regard for your abilities. Please feel free to call upon me for a recommendation if you require one for future employment.

Best of luck,







Key Questions Translation
6. A What can be inferred about Jean?
(A) She was unhappy in her job. 
(B) She asked for a promotion.
(C) She started a new business.
(D) She lent money to Thomas.






7. B What is NOT cited as part of Jean’s work?
(A) Organizing conferences
(B) Processing business loans
(C) Corresponding with clients
(D) Maintaining a Website






8. B What does Thomas say about Jean?
(A) She is a skillful writer.
(B) She is a diligent worker.
(C) She is an excellent teacher.
(D) She is an experienced supervisor.






9. D What does Thomas offer to do for Jean?
(A) Raise her salary
(B) Increase her hours
(C) Reduce her workload
(D) Recommend her for a job






Questions 10 – 11

Reading Text Translation
Don’t let your subReading Textion to Biz News Weekly Lapse!

Fill out and return this card today to keep up with the latest news and trends in business!

3-month renewal – $26.00
6-month renewal – $45.00
12-month renewal – $75.00 (Our best value – approximately $1.44 an issue!)

(Please print)
Name _________
Address _______                          Suite/Apartment ________
City ____ State/Province _____   ZIP/Postcode __________
Choose one:
Payment enclosed.                   Bill me later.

Would you like to receive FREE offers and promotions from our partner companies via e-mail?

Yes, my email address is __________.
No, thank you.

Biz News Weekly is published once a week. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of first issue. The savings are based on 12-month cover price of $104.00. For subReading Textion questions, please call 476-555-2378 or visit our Web site at Textions.

毎週のビジネスニュース雑誌であるBiz News Weeklyの登録を無効にしないで!


3ヶ月の延長 – 26.00ドル

6ヶ月の延長 – 45.00ドル

12ヶ月の延長 – 75.00ドル




住所: __________________    

アパート :______________

街:     州/県    ZIP/郵便番号







Biz News Weeklyは毎週出版されています。最初の版には配達を4-6週間お待ちください。12ヶ月の価格に基づいて計算された預金残高は104ドルです。登録について不明な点がございましたら、 476-555-2378に連絡するか、私たちのサイトにアクセスしてください Textions.

Key Questions Translation
10. D What information must the subscriber provide to receive promotional offers?
(A) A name
(B) An address
(C) A telephone number
(D) An e-mail address






11. B What information is included on this card?
(A) The company’s mailing address
(B) The amount of time before delivery begins
(C) The names of partner companies
(D) The cost of a multiple-year subReading Textion






Questions 12-13

Reading Text Translation
Hotel Bella
Madrid, Spain

Find out what people are saying about us!

“This was our first stay at Hotel Bella and it was definitely worth every cent – friendly service – sparkling clean rooms – wonderful! Thank you for a great few days!” J.G.

“The service was excellent, everything was in working order and the staff was courteous and warm. Very, very nice. Don’t change anything.” R.S.

“Absolutely fabulous! The front desk staff was extremely helpful with directions to points of interest in the area. The restaurant – the dinner menu in particular – was simply superb. We have stayed at numerous hotels, but this has to be the best!” L.G.

“On Day 1, I was pleasantly surprised by the complimentary breakfast. I am going to tell all my family and friends to visit your hotel when they travel to Madrid.” K.K.

“Hotel Bella is close to public transportation, the city center, the theaters, the museums – an excellent location for the traveler who wants to do it all.” E.M







「とても信じがたいです!受付の人が熱心に手伝ってくれて、この辺りにある面白い観光地を教えてくれました。レストラン、特に夕食のメニュー、はすごくよかったです。私たちは色々なホテルに泊まったことがありますが、ここは最高です! 」L.G



Key Questions Translation
12. A According to the advertisement, what is provided for free at the hotel?
(A) A meal 
(B) A theater ticket
(C) Transportation to the city center
(D) The first night’s lodging






13. C What is NOT mentioned about the hotel?
(A) Clean rooms
(B) Friendly staff
(C) Reasonable rates
(D) Convenient location






Questions 14-16

Reading Text Translation
A History of Sports from Ancient Times to the Present
By Rebecca Jean Porter
Illustrated, 248 pp.
Oakview Press, Westport, CT $32.95

Rebecca Jean Porter, the author of Olympic Dreams, has attained another perfect score in this engaging and readable history. A History of Sports from Ancient Times to the Present covers everything from sporting events in ancient Rome to the origins of team sports in North America, and it includes a section on sports played on contemporary university campuses. I highly recommend the chapter with detailed instructions on how to play games that had previously been lost over time. Porter’s comprehensive introduction and bibliography, as well as the timeline of dates and events, make this a reference work that should be purchased by all public libraries. An online companion volume will be published next year.

-Andrew Huff


著者: Rebecca Jean Porter

イラスト248 pp.

雑誌:Oakview, Westport, CT 32.95ドル

「オリンピックの夢」の著者であるRebecca Jean Porterは、次の面白くて読むべきの話を通じて、自分にもう一つの完璧な点を取得しました。古代から現代にかけてのスポーツ歴史には、古代ローマのスポーツイベントから、北アメリカでのチーム分けスポーツの由来まで、それから現代の大学の校舎に行われるスポーツの項目も全部含まれます。私は、時間とともになくなったスポーツの仕方を詳しく案内する章をお勧めします。Porterさんの簡潔なイントロダクションと参照目録、それからイベントの流れと日付が、それを全ての公共図書館に探される価値のある参考作品になるようにします。付くオンライン版は来年に出版されます。

-Andrew Huff
Key Questions Translation
14. C What does Andrew Huff suggest about the book?
(A) It is not as good as Olympic Dreams.
(B) It does not cover previous centuries in detail.
(C) It is a well-written work.
(D) It is currently available online.






15. D What is NOT mentioned as being included in the book?
(A) Names of reference sources
(B) A listing of historical dates
(C) A thorough opening section
(D) A schedule of local sporting events






16. A For what group is the book particularly recommended?
(A) Community libraries 
(B) University students
(C) Sports centers
(D) Sports players






Questions 17-20

Reading Text Translation
138/70 Nares Road
Thailand 10500
June 30

Dear Ms. Baharn
I’d like to thank you for the time you spent with me discussing the marketing researcher position at Amarin, Ltd. After interviewing with you and touring the facility, I feel strongly that this company would be an ideal place for me to work.

I now understand why Amarin, Ltd. is considered the premier publisher of travel and tourism books in the region. I am impressed by the fact that it has been listed as one of Thailand’s most successful businesses since it was founded six years ago. The company’s reputation for quality is also reflected in its outstanding record of employee retention.

I wanted to emphasize the fact that I attended a three-week intensive seminar on MarkTrends, the foremost marketing research software package. I know the job deReading Textion mentions the ability to use MarkTrends, and I wanted to let you know that I am very comfortable using this software.

Again, thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon concerning your hiring decision.

Yours truly,
Anusak Arinchai

138/70 Nares 通り


タイ 10500







Anusak Arinchai

Key Questions Translation
17. D What kind of business is Amarin, Ltd.?
(A) A marketing firm
(B) A trading company
(C) A research institute
(D) A publishing company

Amarin, Ltdの営業分野は何ですか?





18. A What is stated in the letter about Amarin, Ltd.?
(A) It was started six years ago. 
(B) It plans to expand its operations to other countries.
(C) It will be hiring several marketing researchers.
(D) It has been successful because of its marketing strategies.






19. C What did the writer want to emphasize about his background?
(A) His degree in marketing
(B) His overseas travel experience
(C) His familiarity with a software program
(D) His presentations at professional seminars






20. D What does the letter indicate is a sign that Amarin, Ltd., is doing very well?
(A) Its large number of employees
(B) Its international reputation
(C) Its use of up-to-date computer technology
(D) Its high ranking on a list of successful businesses






Questions 21-23

Reading Text Translation
Meeting of the Milton Public Library Trustees

December 4
Present: Les Elder (chairperson), Nancy Johnson (treasurer), Jennifer Palmatier (secretary), Justin Mayrand (technical consultant), Megan Sprague (librarian)
Absent: Mary Erwin (trustee), Max Johnson (trustee)
Mr. Elder began the meeting at 6:00 P.M.

Treasurer’s Report/Budget Review
The library has $4,300.00 remaining in this year’s budget. This includes a donation of $2,300.00 made by Robert Erwin, former trustee and president of the National Library of Organization, and must be spent by December 31.

Ms. Johnson suggested that the trustees spend the $2,300.00 as follows: $900.00 will be allocated for books; $400.00, for supplies; and $1,000.00, for building repairs. All members present agreed.

Building Repairs and Improvements
Mr. Elder expressed concern about the recent electricity bills, which were quite high. The issue will be discussed at the January 14 meeting after the year’s budget has been reviewed.

Miscellaneous Business
Ms. Sprague noted that the library building should be kept locked when it is not officially open to the public, even if staff or cleaning crews are present in the building.
Mr. Elder ended the meeting at 7:00 P.M.
The next meeting will be on Thursday, December 18 at 5:00 P.M. in the Milton Public Library.



出席:Les Elder (議長), Nancy Johnson (金庫の管理人), Jennifer Palmatier (秘書), Justin Mayrand (技術アドバイザー), Megan Sprague (司書)

欠席: Mary Erwin (委員), Max Johnson (委員)



今年の図書館の予算は4,300.00ドルです。元の委員で国会図書館の議長であるRobert Erwin様が贈与された2300ドルも含めて、12月31日までに使用しなければなりません。







Key Questions Translation
21. C What institution is being discussed?
(A) A school
(B) A bookstore
(C) A library
(D) A housing complex






22. C Who contributed money to this institution?
(A) Nancy Johnson
(B) Les Elder
(C) Robert Erwin
(D) Max Johnson


(A) Nancy Johnson

(B) Les Elder

(C) Robert Erwin

(D) Max Johnson

23. D According to the minutes, what remark did Ms. Sprague make?
(A) The performance of the cleaning crew is poor.
(B) The cost of electricity is very high.
(C) The December meeting should be rescheduled.
(D) The doors of the library should be locked during non-business hours.






Questions 24-28

Reading Text Translation
Classique Lighting floor lamps and ceiling lights fixtures are an easy way to update any room. We offer lightings to fit every need and budget.


Very affordable, available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, Calypso is our most economical and versatile ceiling light. Works equally well in offices, retail stores, and home environments. Not recommended for rooms exposed to moisture.

Create a modern look that will enhance any office setting. This competitively priced metal light is excellent for conference rooms, office cubicles, or any business where bright lighting is important. Only available in black, gray, or off-white. Can be directly mounted to the ceiling by professionals or any skilled home owner.

This floor lamp is suitable in both homes and offices. It creates a warm atmosphere with its soft light. Moderately priced and available in several colors.

We recommend that you use energy-efficient lighting. In addition to being inexpensive. energy-efficient lighting has several advantages over standard lighting.

– Use ⅔ less energy
– Generate 70% less heat
– Lasts up to ten times longer

Classique Lightingの電気スタンドと天井灯を組み立てるジグは、全てのお部屋をアップグレードするための簡単な対策です。私たちは、皆様の需要と予算にふさわしい電灯の種類を提供しております。














Key Questions Translation
24. A Which model is best if cost is a concern?
(A) Calypso 
(B) Baroque
(C) Mystic
(D) Trend


(A) Calypso

(B) Baroque

(C) Mystic

(D) Trend

25. B What is suggested about changing the lighting in a home or office?
(A) It is usually expensive.
(B) It is an easy way to modernize a room.
(C) It will increase the resale value of the home or office.
(D) It should be done only after consulting a designer.






26. D Why are the lighting models mentioned in the brochure?
(A) They are sold in most stores.
(B) They will soon be discontinued.
(C) Their prices have been reduced.
(D) They are the most popular models.






27. C According to the brochure, what is NOT true of energy-efficient lights?
(A) They last longer than standard lights.
(B) They use less energy than regular lights do.
(C) They are more expensive than standard lights. 
(D) They generate less heat than other types of lights do.



(B)それらは普通の電灯よりエネルギーが 少ない



28. A What is true of Mystic lights?
(A) They are floor lamps. 
(B) They come in many sizes.
(C) They need to be professionally installed.
(D) They can be exposed to moisture.






Questions 29-32

Reading Text Translation
Sustainability Magazine
Volume 10, No. 6
June 2009

Manufacturers Going Green
By Leo Durham

An increasing number of manufacturing companies around the country are going green, which they hope will put more green into their cash registers.
The Manufacturers Extension Partnership (MEP) works with a variety of state and regional industry associations and economic development groups to teach companies “lean” manufacturing techniques.
This not-for-profit organization, administered by the Department of Commerce, demonstrates how to reduce waste, or “fat,” in the manufacturing process. This includes things such as cutting energy use, incorporating more efficient production techniques, and finding cheaper methods of packaging and shipping goods.
The result is better not only for the environment but also for company profits. Last year, MEP helped more than 1,000 firms save about $1.4 billion and increase their sales by $10.5 billion. These actions led to the creation of nearly 57,000 new jobs.
“It was tremendous for us,” said Mark McCartney, general manager of the Clear Water bottled water company. “MEP showed us how to cut our energy production in half, which led to a 3-percent increase in sales, and a 100-percent increase in production capacity.”
McCartney has been quick to spread the wealth. Last year, a bottle of Clear Water retailed for $1.50. Now, MEP training has enabled the company to slash the price to $1.20. 


Dear editor,
I enjoyed the article on MEP in the June issue of Sustainability Magazine. When manufacturers pass savings onto customers, everybody wins.
Overall, the writer did a fine job. However, there is one mistake in the article I would like to point out. After our company finished training with MEP, sales jumped 30 percent, and our production capacity increased by 10 percent.
I would encourage every manufacturer to consider partnering with MEP. There’s always some fat that can be trimmed from the production process.

William Lyons
CEO, Clear Water Bottling

持続的雑誌ー Sustainability Magazine

10,  6



著者:Leo Durhham





「これは私たちの大勝利です」と、Clear Waterびん詰め水会社の議長であるMark McCartney氏が言っていました。「MEPが私たちに消費エネルギー量を半分下げる方法を教えてくださったおかげで、売上高が3%上がり、生産効率も100%まで向上しました。」McCartneyが速く豊富さを拡散しました。去年、一本のClearWaterの小売価格は1.50ドルでした。現在、MEPの研修過程で1.20ドルに下げました









Sustainability Magazine雑誌の6月号に掲載されたMEPについての記事に関しては、非常に感激です。生産者が節約できた部分を消費者に移したら、みんな利益をもらいます。



William Lyons

CEO, Clear瓶詰め水会社

Key Questions Translation
29. B In the article, the word “green” in paragraph 1, line 2, is closest in meaning to

(A) paper
(B) money 
(C) sales
(D) coins






30. D Who is Mark McCartney?

(A) Author of the article
(B) Clear Water CEO
(C) President of the MEP
(D) Clear Water general manager



(B)Clear WaterのCEO


(D)Clear Waterの議長

31. A What is NOT true? 

(A) Clear Water’s sales rose by 3 percent 
(B) Clear Water’s production capacity increased 10 percent
(C) Clear Water dropped its retail prices
(D) Clear Water halved its energy production


(A)Clear Waterの売上高が3%上がった


(C)Clear Waterが販売価格を下げた


32. D According to the article, how much money did MEP help firms save last year? 

(A) $10.5 billion
(B) $57,000
(C) $1,000,000
(D) $1.4 billion


(A) 10.5 十億ドル

(B) 57,000ドル

(C) 1,000,000ドル

(D) 1.4 十億ドル

Questions 33-37

Reading Text

Invoice #0907282

Date: Sept. 15, 2009

From: Stanley Supplies
808 Merchant St.
Worcester, NE

To: Office Corral
912 Ocean Blvd.
Costa Verdes, CA

Salesperson Job Payment Terms Due date
Mike   Due on Receipt Sept. 30, 2009
No. DeReading Textion Unit Price Comments Total
6 Cases, white photocopier paper $100 10% discount $600
50 Color ink cartridges $15 50 more on back-order
75 Black ink cartridges $10   $750
5 Crates, computer chairs $500 Back ordered from August $2,500
100 Boxes, ballpoint pens $5 50 medium, 50 fine point $500
10 Boxes, promotional brochures $0 Referral bonus $0
      Subtotal $5,100
      Sales Tax $500
      Total $6,600

Subject: Invoice no. 0907282

Hi Marc,

We received our Sept. order yesterday. Thank you for your usual prompt shipment. We appreciate the fast turn-around.

Unfortunately, I noticed a couple of discrepancies between the freight and the invoice. First, the discount for the white photocopier paper does not seem to be factored into the total. We have been buying this paper from you at $100 a case, so shouldn’t six cases with a 10-percent discount come to $540?

Second, according to my records we had 10 crates of computer chairs on back order. Are more coming? If so, what’s the soonest you expect they could arrive? Also, could you please give me an idea when more color ink cartridges will be available? Our inventory is low, and we are planning to have a special sale for Halloween.

Could you please get back to me ASAP? I need to clarify these questions before I place our October order. If you prefer to call, it’s best to reach me today on my direct line: 556-424-8737.

Thanks again Marc,

Ida Velasquiz
Comptroller, Office Corral


請求書  #0907282


 差出人Stanley Supplies

808 Merchant 通り

Worcester, NE

宛先:Corral Office

912 Ocean Blvd.

Costa Verdes, CA



決済事項 期日













































今すぐご返信いただけませんでしょうか? 10月の注文をする前に、これらの情報を把握する必要があります。電話をかけていただいたら、今日中に私の556-424-8737へ直接連絡してください。


Ida Velasquiz

 コーディネータ Office Corral

Key Questions Translation
33. C What is the main function of the invoice?

(A) To confirm delivery
(B) To order supplies
(C) To request money 
(D) To rectify mistakes






34. B What can be inferred about Stanley Supplies and Office Corral?

(A) They are in different countries.
(B) They do business frequently.
(C) They have a poor relationship.
(D) They are both new companies.

Stanley Supplies とOffice Corralについてわかることは何ですか?





35. A In the e-mail, the word “discrepancies” in paragraph 2, line 1, is closest in meaning to

(A) differences 

(B) errors
(C) figures
(D) calculations






36. C How many additional crates of computer chairs is Ms. Velasquiz expecting? 

(A) 50
(B) 10
(C) 5 
(D) 6


(A) 50

(B) 10

(C) 5

(D) 6

37. B According to the invoice, why did Office Corral receive free promotional brochures?

(A) For placing such a large order 
(B) For referring a new customer 

(C) For back-ordering ink cartridges
(D) For being such a steady client

請求書によると、なぜOffice Corralは無料でパンフレットをもらいますか?





Question 38-42

Reading Text Translation
You’re invited

Howard and Jennifer Jacobson request the honor of your presence on Aug. 10th to celebrate the joining of their son, Jeffrey Parker Jacobson, and his fiancée, Marilyn Strummers, in holy matrimony.

The ceremony will take place at 11 a.m. in Riverside Park, 11220 River Dr. NW, followed by a luncheon reception at the adjacent Green Mansion, then a procession to the airport to see the couple off to their honeymoon in Bermuda.

Gifts are appreciated but not necessary; the fellowship of family and friends at this special time is blessing enough. We hope and pray that you will be able to join us for this momentous occasion.

Please RSVP by July 15th via letter or email to:
Gloria Stroust
Superior Catering
120 Union Ave.

July 11th, 2009
Dear Ms. Stroust,

I am writing in regard to the invitation sent by Howard and Jennifer Jacobson. Please forgive my relatively late reply, as I was out of town and did not have a chance to read the invitation until last week.
I am thrilled that my friend and former college roommate, Marilyn Strummers, is finally tying the knot. I am disappointed, however, that I will not be able to attend her milestone event. I had a vacation to China scheduled for several weeks prior to hearing Marilyn’s exciting news, and subsequent efforts to rearrange my travel plans have proved unsuccessful. Ironically, my flight departs at exactly the same time as the ceremony. I’ll miss Jeff and Marilyn at the airport by only a few hours! 
It is with great regret that I must decline this gracious invitation, though I will contact Marilyn and congratulate her personally before I leave. Also, I would like to leave a gift for the newlyweds. Would it be appropriate to send a present to you?

Please let me know.

Patty Pakola
4334 Stone Drive


Howard と Jennifer Jacobsonが10月8日に開催される、彼らの息子であるJeffrey Parker Jacobsonと婚約者のMarilyn Strummersの結婚式に、あなたのご出席を心よりお待ちしております。

結婚式は午前11時にRiverside Park11220 River Dr. NWで行われ、それからすぐそばのGreen Mansionの別荘でのランチパーティー、その後Bermudaで新婚旅行に行く新婚夫婦を空港まで送ります。


 7月15日までに、手紙又はメールでGloria StroustへRSVPしてください。


120 Union Ave.









Patty Pakola

4334 Stone Drive


Key Questions Translation
38. A In the invitation, the letters “RSVP” in paragraph 4, line 1,are closest in meaning to

(A) respond 

(B) renounce
(C) receive
(D) rejoice


(A)  返信

(B)  諦める

(C)  受け取る

(D)  喜ぶ

39. B Why is the invitation mainly being sent?

(A) To celebrate a birthday
(B) To announce a wedding 

(C) To raise money for charity
(D) To solicit lots of presents


(A)  誕生パーティーの開催

(B)  結婚式の報告

(C)  義援金の寄付

(D)  たくさんのプレゼントを求めるため
40. C Who is Howard Jacobson?

(A) Father of the bride
(B) The groom 
(C) Father of the groom 

(D) The minister

Howard Jacobson は誰ですか?

(A)  花嫁のお父さん

(B)  花婿

(C)  花婿のお父さん

(D)  祭司

41. B What time does Patty Pakola’s flight leave for China?

(A) 10 o’clock
(B) 11 o’clock 
(C) 2 o’clock
(D) Noon


(A) 10 時

(B) 11

(C) 2 時

(D) 昼

42. D What can be inferred about Gloria Stroust?

(A) She used to live with Marilyn Strummers. 
(B) She is good friends with Patty Pakola.
(C) She will take photographs at the wedding.
(D) She will serve food at lunch and reception.

Gloria Stroustについてわかることは何ですか?

(A)   彼女はMarilyn Strummersと住んだことがある

(B)   彼女はPatty Pakolaの親友だ

(C)   彼女は結婚式で撮影する

(D)   彼女は夕食と交換会を提供する

Question 43-47

Reading Text Translation
City Pool
Summer swim schedule

For more information about any of these programs, call the pool office at 506-807-7667.
For the latest updates, including schedule changes and special events, call our 24-hour automated information line at 506-363-8123.

Due to a maintenance problem, City Pool will be closed on Monday and Tuesday next week. The Aqua Jog, Master’s Workout, Hydrofit, and Water Exercise classes on those days have been cancelled, and instructors will notify participants when the classes will be rescheduled. We are sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.
Also, please note that there will be no public swims on the afternoons of July 14th through 18th, because the pool will be hosting the annual All-City Swimming and Diving Meet. Tickets for the meet are $5 for adults and $2.50 for children 12 and under, and can be purchased at the pool office or online at

Thank you for using City Pool. For up-to-the-minute schedule information, call our info hotline at 506-363-8123.




スケジュールの変更と特別なイベントを含む最新情報を得るために、506-363-8123 の私たちの24時間の自動電話線へ連絡してください。


メインテナンスのため、市のプールが来週の月曜日と火曜日に休館します。Aqua Jog, Master’s Workout, Hydrofit, とWater Exerciseのクラスがこれらの日にキャンセルされ、ガイドが学習者に補講スケジュールを知らせます。ご不便おかけし申し訳ございません。



Key Questions Translation
43. D What is the main purpose of the notice? 

(A) To apologize for maintenance work
(B) To promote a swimming-diving meet
(C) To publicize the information hotline
(D) To announce schedule changes


(A) メインテナンスの事情について謝るため

(B) 水泳―潜るイベントを紹介するため

(C) 直結電話の情報を公表するため


44. B How many Water Exercise classes will be affected by the pool closure?

(A) One
(B) Two 

(C) Three
(D) Four

プール閉めによって影響されたWater Exerciseのクラスはいくつありますか?





45. C What is NOT true?

(A) There will be a public swim from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 16th.
(B) There will be a Water Fun class from 1:30-2:30 p.m. on Thursday of next week.
(C) Family swims are scheduled in the summer on Sundays and Thursdays. *

(D) Adult and senior swims are offered twice on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the summer.



(B)来週の木曜日に午後1時30分から2時30分までWater Funクラスが開催される



46. B In the schedule, the word “aqua” in line 4 is closest in meaning to 

(A) strenuous
(B) water 

(C) adolescent
(D) oxygen


(A)  熱心


(C)  青年

(D)  酸素

47. A According to the schedule, how would someone find out more about the Masters Workout?

(A) By calling the pool office 

(B) By calling the information hot line
(C) By visiting the pool website
(D) By writing for a special notice

スケジュールによると、人々がMasters Workoutについてどのように情報を探しますか?

(A) プールのスタッフに連絡する

(B) 直結電話線に連絡する

(C) プールのサイトを確認する


Question 48-49

Reading Text Translation
Want to speak Chinese? 
Language Line
Language Line is your connection to an exciting new world ….the world of foreign language!

Now you can the language you’ve always wanted to over the Internet, from the comfort of your own home!
Our expert teachers will give you an online video lesson at the day and time you choose. There’s no textbook, no homework, and no tests to pass.
We offer:
– Half-hour and hour lessons ranging from one to seven days per week
– Expert teachers who will have you speaking fluently in just seven weeks
– Affordable prices
– A free trial lesson
– A full money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied
Half-hour lessons start at $25, and full-hour lessons start at $45.
Take a free trial lesson today! What have you got to lose? We guarantee fluency within seven weeks, or your money back!
Call 1-888-555-9900 to arrange for your first, FREE half-hour trial lesson. Or register online at


Language Line


Language Lineがあなたと面白さが溢れている新しい世界のつながりです。外国語の世界!












Key Questions Translation
48. D When is fluency guaranteed?
(A) After one lesson
(B) Within two weeks
(C) In one month
(D) Within seven weeks






49. B What happens if customers are not satisfied?
(A) They receive a discount.
(B) Their money will be refunded. 
(C) They will get a free lesson.
(D) They can call the police.


(A)  彼らは値引きされる

(B)  彼らは返金される

(C)  彼らは一つの無料のレッスン


Question 50-52

Reading Text Translation

To: Store managers
From: Corporate headquarters
Re: Bonus pay

The Cost Less board of directors has voted to implement a new method of calculating annual year-end bonuses, beginning at the start of the next fiscal year. Since its inception, Cost Less has rewarded managers of stores that improved their sales revenue and limited the amount of employee overtime.

These conditions will still apply, but the board has decided to factor in a third condition: the amount of loss prevented by store security. As you know, in the past year shoplifting and employee embezzlement cost our company more than $3 million. To help reverse this trend, we would like managers to be more diligent in hiring and supervising security personnel, and to be more alert in watching for possible theft.

To help encourage this philosophy, the board has voted to pay a 10-percent bonus to managers whose stores hold inventory loss to less than 2 percent of total revenues for the year. The board has also directed that each Cost Less store be given extra financial resources to help  train and motivate employees to be alert for shoplifting and other types of in-store theft. Remind your employees that when merchandise is stolen or money embezzled, it hurts everyone in the company.

Additional details will be forthcoming in the next two months.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.





 Cost Less社の取締役が来年度から年末の報酬を計算するのに新しい方法を展開するために投票しました。設立してから現在まで、Cost Lessは売上高を上げて、従業員の残業時間が削減できる管理者に報酬を与えています。





Key Questions Translation
50. A What is the main purpose of this memo?
(A) To announce a change 
(B) To prevent shoplifting
(C) To raise money
(D) To declare bonuses


(A)  ある変更について報告するため

(B)  万引きを防止するため

(C)  資金を調達するため

(D)  報酬を公表するため

51. C What is a factor in determining year-end bonuses?
(A) The company’s stock price
(B) The number of employees
(C) Total sales revenue 
(D) Number of security officers


(A) 会社の株価

(B) 従業員の人数

(C) 総売上高


52. B How can managers earn a 10-percent bonus?
(A) By improving store sales
(B) By limiting loss of inventory 
(C) By encouraging employee overtime
(D) By installing special video cameras


(A)  店の売上高を上げる

(B)  在庫の損失を削減する

(C)  従業員の残業を勧める

(D)  特別なビデオカメラを設置する

Questions 53-56

Reading Text Translation
Dear Jake,

I just wanted to write you a note to tell you how much I’ve appreciated everything you’ve done for me. You were willing to take a chance on me when others wouldn’t, due to my inexperience. Not only that, but you stuck by me as I learned and made mistakes.

I’m happy that you’ve found a new position with greater responsibilities. You deserve it. But I’m sad to see you go. You were more than a boss to me; you were a mentor and a friend. I will always value your advice, and will remember the lessons you have taught me. I remember the first time I missed deadline, and help up the whole paper. I was scared you would fire me. Instead you were supportive and understanding.

I hope we can stay in touch, professionally and personally. I have the highest respect for your talent and leadership skills. You have the ambition and acumen to be wildly successful. I hope you and Denise will find personal satisfaction in Albany as well. I hear it’s a nice city. If there’s ever anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

All my best,







Key Questions Translation
53. D What can be inferred about Tanya?

(A) She is not happy in her job.
(B) She does not know Jake well.
(C) She is a receptionist.
(D) She was hired by Jake.


(A) 彼女は自分の仕事を楽しいと思わない

(B) 彼女はJakeさんについて詳しくない

(C) 彼女は受付の人だ


54. C Why does Tanya mention missing a deadline?

(A) To remind Jake of his mistake
(B) To highlight her competence
(C) To commemorate Jake’s response 

(D) To elaborate on an opinion


(A) Jakeさんに彼のミスを注意するため

(B) 彼女の能力を目立たせるため

(C) Jakeさんの態度を振り返るため


55. B What does Tanya say about Jake?

(A) He is a competent teacher.
(B) He is a talented leader. 

(C) He is an egotistical editor.
(D) He is a supportive husband.


(A)  彼は有能な教師だ

(B)  彼は優秀なリーダーだ

(C)  彼は傲慢な編集者だ

(D)  彼は妻を手伝ったりサポートしたりすることのできる旦那さんだ。

56. D What is Jake going to do?
(A) Take a vacation
(B) Retire
(C) Get married
(D) Change jobs


(A)  休暇を取る

(B)  定年退職する

(C)  結婚する

(D)  転職する

Question 57-58

Reading Text Translation
Don’t miss an issue! Order Computer Cloud Magazine today!

Fill out and return this card today to keep abreast of all things computer.
⬜ 3 months for $25                                   
⬜ 6 months for $40
⬜ 12 months for $75 — best value!  (Only about $1.40 per issue)

Name ______________________________
Apt. _____
City ________________________  
State ____________   Zip ________

Choose one:
⬜ payment enclosed   ⬜ bill me later

Computer Cloud Magazine is published weekly. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of first issue. The savings are based on a 12-month cover price of $104.00. For subReading Textion questions, please call 1-800-463-8800 or visit our website at

Would you like to receive FREE offers and promotions from our partner companies via email?
⬜ YES, my email is _________________________          
⬜ No, thank you

雑誌の一つの号でも逃さないで今日中にComputer Cloudを注文してください!


⬜ 3か月で25ドル
⬜ 6ヶ月で40ドル

⬜ 12ヶ月で75ドル―もっともお得な値段!(一号あたりに1.4ドルぐらいだけ)、

アパートの番号 ___________________
市 ________________________  
州____________  Zip コード ________

⬜ 決済金額とともに送る  ⬜ 後で請求書を書く

Computer Cloud雑誌は毎週出版されています。第一号があなたのところへ届くまで4-6週間お待ちください。預金は104ドルで、12ヶ月の雑誌のカバーに記載されている値段に基づいて計算されます。雑誌の長期購入について質問があれば、1-800-463-8800に連絡するか、私たちのサイトにアクセスしてください。


⬜ はい、私のメールアドレスは_________________________          
⬜ いいえ、結構です
Key Questions Translation
57. C What will happen to subscribers who give their e-mail addresses?
(A) They will be billed later.
(B) They will get two free issues. 
(C) They will receive free promotional offers. 
(D) They will get the best discounts.


(A) 彼らは後で領収書をもらう

(B) 彼らは2部の雑誌を無料でもらう

(C) 彼らは無料セールを受ける


58. A What information is NOT included on this card?
(A) The company’s mailing address 
(B) The amount of time before delivery begins
(C) The company’s telephone number
(D) The cost of a one-year subReading Textion


(A)  会社のメールアドレス

(B)  雑誌を配達する前の期間

(C)  会社の電話番号

(D)  1年間で雑誌を長期購入する料金

Question 59-61

Reading Text Translation

The 10th annual pulp and paper week is taking place next month from March 5-10th at the Sydney Seas Inn. This is an excellent networking opportunity for executives in the pulp and paper industry. Participants from around the world are invited to join in the fair and learn more about the direction of Oceania’s pulp mills and the future of the paper industry as a whole. This year a special session on recycling will be held in addition to the regular paper and packaging sessions.

The Pulp and Paper Brunch is always the most popular event of the fair. This year, keynote speakers at Friday’s luncheon (1:00 P.M.) include Martha Evans, chairperson from the National P&P Committee; and John Lopez, former President of the Sydney Paper Factory.

Online registration available now. Click here.

For information about accommodations at the Sydney Seas Inn or other local hotels, call 1-800-345-9900.

Members of the community are invited to come out to free events including the family picnic (Saturday afternoon) and the children’s paper festival (Sunday-all day). For a complete schedule of events visit

We have room for a few more sponsors for this year’s event.

Please contact Amy Witherspoon, ( for more details.



「紙とパルプ産業のランチパーティー」はいつもフェアの一番有名なイベントです。今年、金曜日(午後一時)のランチパーティーに出演する主な講演者は国家の紙とパルプの委員会の委員長であるMartha Evansと、Sydneyの紙企業の元の議長であるJohn Lopezも含めます。




私たちは今年のスポンサーの席を追加に準備しておきました。詳細を知るため、Amy Witherspoon, (に連絡してください

Key Questions Translation
59. C What is being advertised?

(A) A charity brunch
(B) A new newspaper
(C) A yearly fair
(D) A stationary store


(A)  チャリティーのランチパーティー

(B)  新しい新聞

(C)  年間のフェア

(D)  文房具屋

60. A Which is NOT provided in the ad?

(A) The website address for the Sydney Seas Inn 
(B) The names and titles of the main speakers
(C) A partial schedule of this year’s events
(D) A contact number for alternate accommodations


(A)  Sydney海ホテルのサイトアドレス

(B)  主な講演者の名前と仕事

(C)  今年の一部のイベントのスケジュール

(D)  代替の住宅を探すための連電話番号

61. C Who is most likely to participate in this event?
(A) Adventure-seeking teens
(B) Young children from Sydney
(C) Owners of pulp and paper mills 
(D) Environmentalists from Oceania






Question 62-63

Reading Text Translation
Early today I completed Empires of the Middle East: A History of Babylonia from the Bronze Age to the Present by Thurman Boyles. This is going to be a very brief review, but suffice it to say the book was erudite, insightful and an excellent revision of the tropes and stereo-types pervasive in Middle Eastern studies to this day. In the last several years I have become intimately familiar with literally thousands of sources, both primary and secondary on the region. If you have a decent foundation on the relevant literature of the period–400 BC to roughly the late 18th century AD–and are interested in the area I cannot recommend this book enough. However, if you don’t, this is not a good introductory work. It is dense. The arguments can sometimes seem abstruse and arcane. And the narrative is so wide in scope that one should really have taken an introductory course in the region just to keep up. There still is no standard one volume history of what is commonly called, “The Middle East.” This is unfortunate. Boyles’ book helps fill that role for specialists, but one is still, sadly lacking for the rest of us.
— Paul Robert Kingston

今日の早朝にThurman Boyles「中東の君主制:銅器時代から現在にかけてのバビロンの歴史」の本を読み終わりました。これはとても簡潔な評価ですが、この本は非常に知識豊富で思考深くて、現在までの中東に関する研究に含まれる無意味で型にはめられることの完璧な訂正だと,十分に表すことができます。数年も経って、この地域に関する数万の初級と中級の情報源に非常に慣れてきました。もしあなたが、紀元前400年から世紀18にかけての時期に関連する資料の基礎をしっかりと持って、それからこの分野に関心があれば、この本を本当にお勧めします。しかし、そうでなければ、これは入門するのにふさわしくないです。情報に溢れています。各理論がときどき複雑でわかりにくいかもしれません。また、説明の部分は、人々が全ての情報をつかむのに、本当にこの地域についてのイントロダクションコースに参加すべきほど、範囲が広いです。いつも「中東」と呼ばれているところの歴史についての基準に基づく本がまだないです。これは残念なことです。Boylesの本は専門家たちに対してその役割を十分に果たせましたが、たったの一冊だけでは残りのみんなにまだ十分ではありません。

— Paul Robert Kingston

Key Questions Translation
62. C What does Paul Robert Kingston suggest about the book?

(A) It is a good introduction to the topic.
(B) It is an easy book to read.
(C) It is a well-written work. 
(D) It is a concise history of the Middle East.

Paul Robert Kingstonはこの本について何を勧めましたか?

(A)  それはこのテーマについての優れた入門書です。

(B)  それは読みやすい本です。

(C)  それはよく執筆された作品です

(D)  それは簡潔に述べられた中東の歴史の本です。

63. D For whom is the book recommended?

(A) University students
(B) General audience
(C) People who love mysteries
(D) Those with a keen interest


(A)  大学生

(B)  一般的な人

(C)  ミステリーが好きな人

(D)  このテーマに非常に興味を持つ人

Question 64-67

Reading Text Translation
Dear City Credit Union member,

          Your Credit Union has had a very busy year so far in 2010. We have experienced solid new member growth and continue to actively lend to our members. Helping members become homeowners, providing low rate credit cards, lending funds for new or used vehicles, and making home equity loans continue to be areas of focus for City Credit Union. While these efforts will continue, we also realize that many of our members have experienced tough economic times, and may be struggling to meet their current financial obligations.

          In recent weeks, we have received many letters and phone calls from members telling us about their financial situations and unique challenges. Due to the current economic climate, we have heard from members across a wide array of industries and professions; teachers, construction workers, and automotive sales to name a few, who have either lost their jobs, think they may lose their jobs, or had their household income significantly decreased. If you have not been impacted, chances are that you have a family member, friend or neighbor who has experienced financial difficulties as a result of the economy.

          If you are having difficulties in making any of your loan payments, whether it’s your mortgage, auto, boat or RV, credit card or equity loan, we want to assure you that we are here to help you with our Member Assistance Team. This team was assembled exclusively to help members through stressful financial situations. We can help you by offering realistic solutions and may also be able to offer advice for working with other financial institutions—even if CCU  is not your primary mortgage holder. If you’re experiencing difficulty in meeting your financial obligations, or worried about your future ability to do so, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to help you through these challenging times.
City Credit Union Member Assistance Team
216-555-8957 or 800-555-2823 extension 5987
Remember, we have your best interests in mind. If we can assist you, please contact us today.
Joel Blumenthal
Executive Vice President






216-555-8957 または 800-555-2823 社内電話番号 5987



 Joel Blumenthal


Key Questions Translation
64. B What is stated in the letter about City Credit Union?
(A) It has been losing money.
(B) It is lending money to its members. 
(C) Business has been slow this year.
(D) Membership has increased by 50 percent.


(A)  その協会は赤字になっている

(B)  その協会は自分のメンバーに資金を貸し付ける

(C)  今年の経営はうまくいかない

(D)  メンバーの人数が50%増えた

65. C Why have members been writing to City Credit Union recently?

(A) They are applying for jobs.
(B) They are defaulting on loans.
(C) They are having financial trouble. 

(D) They are expressing thanks.


(A)  仕事を探しているから

(B)  ローンが返済できないから

(C)  経済的困難を抱えているから

(D)  感謝の気持ちを表しているから

66. A What does the Member Assistance Team help with?

(A) Loan payments 

(B) Stocks and bonds
(C) Financial reports
(D) Bankruptcy


(A)  ローンの返済

(B)  株と債券

(C)  財政の報告

(D)  倒産

67. B What does the writer encourage readers to do?

(A) Apply for a loan
(B) Contact CCU soon 

(C) Save more money
(D) Join the team


(A)  ローンの借入を行う

(B)  早く市のクレジット協会に連絡する

(C)  より多くのお金を貯める

(D)  グループに参加する

Question 68-70

Reading Text Translation
Community Care Meeting
Nov. 2nd, 2010, 7 p.m.
1. Hopeshare presentation
Two representatives from Hopeshare, Leslie Graves and Rebecca Steinman, gave a presentation about their organization. Like us, they give financial aid to low-income people and help them budget their money. But they also  provide a food bank, shelter, transitional housing, transportation program, adult education, and an employment program. Their annual operating budget is about $10 million.
Leslie said that Hopeshare wants to form a stronger partnership with Community Care, and explore ways we can share resources and avoid overlapping services. She recommended that we meet together at least twice a year.
2. Treasurer’s report
Treasurer Jacob Hall passed out current budget figures showing our up-to-date income and expenses. He said that we have $851.52 total liabilities & capital. Our total revenues for Oct. were $1,690.97.
3. Promotional plans
Robin Sayers proposed that we produce a DVD promoting our services, which could be shown to churches and other potential donors. Gina Mauer said that it would also be good to make a brochure that could be handed to clients and distributed throughout the community. We agreed that everyone should pitch in to help write, take photos, and help with graphics and design. We set a deadline of Dec. 4th to have preliminary plans in place. Mary Burley agreed to be in charge of the project and to keep everyone on  track.
4. Problems and concerns
Community Care director Bill Lyons discussed the need to improve coordination between team members. He said he is working on upgrading our website so everyone can have instant access to information about clients we help and resources available to them.
5. Next meeting
We agreed to meet again at 7 p.m. Dec. 4th at Bill’s house, 1134 Midvale Ave. N.
The meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m.

Community Careの会議


  1. Hopeshareの発表

 Hopeshareの二人の代表者、 Leslie Graves とRebecca Steinmanは、彼らの組織について発表しました。私たちのように、彼らは低所得者に経済の支援を行い、その人たちが支出のバランスを保つように手伝います。しかし、彼らはフードバンク、避難所、仮設住宅、輸送、成人教育、就業計画も供給しています。彼らの年間の予算はやく100万ドルです。


Leslieさんによると、HopeshareはCommunity Careとより強固な関係を築き、それから資源の共有方法と重なったサービスの回避方法を探し出すことを期待しています。彼女は少なくとも1年2回打ち合わせると提案しました。

  1. 金庫管理者の報告

金庫管理者のJacob Hallさんは、私たちの更新された収入と支出に関連する現在の予算額を出しました。彼によると、私たちの借金と資金は851.52ドルで、私たちの10月の総収入は1690,97ドルです。

 3 広告の企画

Robin Sayersは私たちのサービスを宣伝するDVDを作成して、教会または他の潜在的なスポンサーに見せるという提案を下しました。Gina Mauerは顧客に渡したり、広く配布したりするための薄いパンフレットを作成するのもいいアイデアだと言っていました。私たちは全員参加して、執筆と撮影とデザインで協力し合うべきだと賛成しました。私たちは12月4日までに、予備計画が完成されなければならないと決定しました。Mary Burleyはプロジェクトの担当をして、みんなが予定通りに進めるようにサポートします。


Community Careの社長であるBill Lyonsは、チームのメンバー間の協調性を高める必要性について相談しました。彼は、みんながサポートしている顧客の情報と彼らに向いている利用可能資源にすぐアクセスできるように私たちのサイトを更新していると述べていました。




Key Questions Translation
68. C What does Community Care do?
(A) It provides emergency shelter 
(B) It produces promotional materials
(C) It helps low-income people 
(D) It designs company websites

Community Careはどんな仕事を担当しますか?





69. B Why does Robin Sayers mention making a DVD?

(A) To give a present to Hopeshare
(B) To promote Community Care 
(C) To sell and raise money
(D) To show to Community Care clients

なぜRobin SayersはDVDを作成することに触れましたか?


(B)Community Careについて宣伝するため

(C) 販売して資金を調達するため

(D) Community Careの顧客に見せるため

70. A According to the minutes, what is Bill Lyons working on?

(A) Improving the Community Care website 

(B) Planning a fund-raising dinner
(C) Writing and editing a promotional brochure
(D) Forming a partnership with Hopeshare

報告書によると、Bill Lyonsは何を実施していますか?

() Community Care のサイトを更新している




Questions 71-75

Reading Text Translation
The Advantage Edge
Advantage Tutoring creates independent readers, spellers, writers and thinkers by giving them the multi-sensory tools necessary to “learn how to learn.”
Our one-on-one, hourly sessions stimulate three skills vital for language processing:  
Phonemic awareness – the ability to identify and order sounds within words. Symptoms of weak phonemic awareness include errors in reading (“steam” for stream), spelling (“gril” for girl) and pronunciation (“death” for deaf, “pacific” for specific).   
Concept imagery – the ability to see the “big picture” when reading and listening. Persons with weak concept imagery have difficulty with reading comprehension, critical thinking and following directions.
Symbol imagery – the ability to visualize letters within words. Weaknesses here can result in trouble with spelling, word recognition, contextual fluency and mathematics.
Lindamood Interactive Phoneme Sequencing (LiPS). This sequential, multi-sensory program teaches students to identify separate sound segments within words. There is particular emphasis on the vowel segments and mouth movements to help with reading and spelling.
Visualizing and Verbalizing This unique method teaches students to broaden the visual imagery of their language. By incorporating these visualization strategies, the student expands the richness and detail of oral and written language, as well as the ability to comprehend what they’ve read.
“Seeing Stars” Symbol Imagery This program teaches students to form visual images of individual phonemes (t-o) through multisyllable words (t-o-m-o-r-r-o-w), enhancing the development of spelling, reading and sight word vocabulary.
“On Cloud Nine” Mathematics This hands-on program hones competency in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students touch, feel, write and visualize concepts as they move from concrete to abstract math realities.
For more information, contact us at

Advantage Edge

Advantage Tutoringは、「学習方法を学ぶ」のに多感覚の必要な道具を供給することを通じて、読者、綴る人、著者、独立的に考える人を創り出します。









 「Seeing Stars」シグナルの連想:このプログラムは、学生に多音の言葉((t-o-m-o-r-r-o-w)を通じて各音素 (t-o)の直観連想を形成する方法を教え、綴りと閲読と一般的な語彙を発展させる。

 “On Cloud Nine”数学プログラム この実用プログラムは四則計算力を上げます。学生が数学の実用的なものを具体から抽象に変えるときに、各概念に触ったり、感じたり、書いたり、イメージしたりすることができます。


Key Questions Translation
71. D What is the brochure advertising?

(A) A primary school
(B) A doctor’s office
(C) A summer camp
(D) A tutoring service






72. C How long do sessions last?

(A) Half an hour
(B) 45 minutes
(C) One hour 
(D) One-and-a-half hours






73. B According to the brochure, which skill is associated with pronunciation?

(A) Symbol imagery
(B) Phonemic awareness 
(C) Concept imagery
(D) Phonological reasoning






74. A Which program improves comprehension?

(A) Visualizing and Verbalizing 
(B) Seeing Stars
(C) LiPS
(D) On Cloud Nine



(B) Seeing Stars

(C) LiPS

(D) On Cloud Nine

75. B
What information is NOT included in the brochure?

(A) A list of programs
(B) Program prices 
(C) The aims of teaching
(D) A web address






Question 76-80

Reading Text Translation
Biz Weekly
July 15th, 2011
Diabetics Need Exercise
By Pat Warbrouck
        For Chris Carter, exercising is as simple as a lunchtime walk.
        Carter, a software developer, knows it’s vital to find ways to do so during work days that require sitting for long stretches of time.
        His life literally depends on it.
        “Exercise is like the one trump card I have,” Carter said. “I realize that I have a lot of control over my condition.”
        His condition, Type 1 diabetes, robs his body of the ability to produce insulin — a hormone needed to convert glucose (blood sugar), starches and other food into the necessary energy for daily life. This puts him at risk for a host of serious complications that includes heart disease, blindness, and nerve and kidney damage.
        Though Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented, it can be controlled through a regimen of monitoring, diet and exercise. Carter keeps careful track of his glucose level, takes daily insulin shots, and keeps juice and energy bars close at hand.
        Most importantly, he said, he takes care to get enough exercise. Carter will stroll outside during lunch breaks, or hike up and down the stairs of the company parking garage.
        It’s a good example of the types of activity busy diabetics should be doing, said Dr. Arnold Asher, director of the Diabetes Health Center at Michigan Health and Science University (MHSU).
        Physical activity helps control blood sugar in three ways, according to Dr. Asher.
        First, it burns glucose, ensuring energy is delivered to the body and that glucose does not build up in the blood. Second, it increases bodily sensitivity to insulin. As fitness increases, the body needs less insulin to move glucose into cells.
        Finally, exercise helps reduce weight. For overweight patients, losing about 7 percent of body fat will lower blood sugar.
Dear Editor, 

        Thank you for running the article on Chris Carter in last week’s issue. As a diabetic myself, it renewed my determination to make sure I get up from my desk and exercise a few minutes every day.
        I also hope your story will open the eyes of supervisors, and remind them of the importance of exercise — not only for employees who have diabetes, but also everyone else in their office. When you’re sitting at a computer all day, it’s sometimes hard to tear yourself away from the screen and move around.
        I would love to see more companies encouraging employees to exercise by giving them free gym classes, taking group stretching or walking breaks, and subsidizing those who walk or bike to work.
Robert Fuda
Ann Arbor, Michigan




 著者:Pat Warbrouck

Chris Carterにとって、運動は昼ご飯の時間に散歩するなどの簡単なものです。







 Michigan健康科学大学(MHSU)の糖尿病に関する医療センターの議長であるArnold Asher先生によると、それは忙しい糖尿病患者がすべきの典型的な活動です。





先週の号にChris Carterさんについての記事を掲載してくださって、ありがとうございました。糖尿病患者として、それは私を机から離れて、毎日数分ぐらい運動することにするともう一度決心させました。



Robert Fuda

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Key Questions Translation
76. A What is true of Type 1 diabetes?
(A) It inhibits insulin production. 
(B) It can be prevented.
(C) It is usually fatal.
(D) It affects mostly fat people.






77. D In the article, the word “regimen” in paragraph 6, line 2, is closest in meaning to
(A) condition
(B) mixture
(C) sample
(D) routine





78. C Who is Robert Fuda?
(A) A prominent doctor
(B) A newspaper editor
(C) A private citizen 
(D) A university professor

Robert Fudaは誰ですか?





79. B In the letter, the phrase “open the eyes” in paragraph 2, line 1, is closest in meaning to
(A) Improve vision
(B) Increase awareness 
(C) Expand resources
(D) Impart information

第2段落の第1行にある「open the eyes」(視野を広げる)に意味が一番近いのはどれですか?





80. B According to the article, exercise helps control blood sugar in every way EXCEPT
(A) Reducing weight
(B) Lowering cholesterol 
(C) Burning glucose
(D) Decreasing insulin






Questions 81-85

Reading Text

Invoice #774

Date: Nov. 6, 2010

From: CompuPros
515 Kennedy St.
Concord, PA

To: Adams Inc.
883 Revere Ave.
Concord, PA

Salesperson Job Payment terms Due date
Nikki   Due on Receipt Nov. 30, 2010
No. Service Rate/hr Hours Comments Total
20 Install personal
$40 3 waive install fee $120 
2 repair hard drive $80  4 two main frames $320
2 Set up wireless
$40 2   $80
1 Create new
computer port
$40 1.5 New connecton 2nd flr. $60
N/A Test new
$40 1 Network is fine  $40
25     11.5    
        Sub-total: $620
        Installation fee:  $300
        Tax: $55
        Total: $975

Subject: Invoice no. 774

Dear Ms. Powers,

I trust by now that you have received the invoice we sent (# 774) for the services we provided earlier this month for Adams Inc. If you have not received it yet, you will shortly.

I’d like to call your attention to a mistake in the invoice. Per our contract, we had agreed to waive our usual installation fee because you placed a bulk order. However, I note that in the totals at the bottom, we have billed you for a $300 install fee.

Rest assured we’re not trying to pull a fast one on you ☺. We’re training a new person in accounting, and she neglected to delete that line item from the bottom of our standardized invoice forms.

So please disregard invoice # 774. We will send an accurate one to you today, without the installation fee charge. Sorry for the inconvenience, and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail.


Jason McGraw
President, CompuPros


日付: 2010年11月6日

 差出人: CompuPros

515 Kennedy通り

Concord, PA

 宛先: Adams法人

883 Revere通り

Concord, PA














$40 3




$80  4




$40 2   $80


$40 1.5




$40 1


25     11.5    











件名: 請求書774








Jason McGraw


Key Questions Translation
81. C Why is the invoice being sent?
(A) To order services
(B) To confirm delivery
(C) To request money 
(D) To forge an agreement






82. A What can be inferred about CompuPros?
(A) It provides computer services. 
(B) It manufactures computer parts.
(C) It sells computer supplies.
(D) It is a large corporation.






83. B In the invoice, the word “waive” on line 1 is closest in meaning to
(A) Charge
(B) Forgo 
(C) Reduce
(D) Deduct






84. D In the e-mail, the phrase “pull a fast one” is closest in meaning to
(A) Increase the speed
(B) Follow the law
(C) Make an error
(D) Play a trick

メールにある「pull a fast one」(だます)に意味が一番近いのはどれですか?





85. C According to the e-mail, what will Jason McGraw do next?
(A) Fire an employee
(B) Ask a question
(C) Send a new invoice 
(D) Disregard a fee

メールによると、Jason McGrawはこれから何をしますか?





Question 86-90

Reading Text Translation
You’re invited
Please join us for an open house to meet our daughter Cathleen’s first-born, Keegan Schlictmeier and welcome him into the world.
Where: Diane and Ken’s house — 23847 47th Pl. W., Bear Creek, WA, 98007.
When: 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 5th.
What: Hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be provided. All you need to bring is yourselves, but if you want to bring a gift, Cathleen has a registry of needs at and TotToys.
RSVP: Call us at home — 555-7362 — or e-mail:
We hope to see you!
Hi Di,
I got your invitation today to the open house for Cathleen and Keegan. I’m so sorry that I have to miss it!
Brad and I are going skiing in Utah that weekend. We’ve been planning the trip for months, and it’s too late to change even though we wish we could. I’m dying to meet little Keegan! We’ll be back on the ninth, and I’d like to get together ASAP after that. Would that be OK?
You must be so proud, grandma! Wow, I never thought I’d be calling you that so soon. I’m glad that Cath had a smooth delivery, and that Keegan is healthy. Thanks for sending his picture. He’s a cute little guy.
Anyway, we’ll check the gift registries you mentioned, and I’ll look forward to seeing Cath and Keegan shortly. Hope the open house goes well. I know it takes a lot to plan and host one.
I’ll e-mail Cathleen separately and say sorry and hi. Please give my love to Ken.
See you soon,


 私たちの娘、Cathleenの初子、Keegan Schlictmeierくんがこの世に生まれてきたことをお祝いするためにパーティーを開催するのであなたのご出席を心よりお待ちしております。

場所:DianeとKenの家 ―– 23847 47th Pl. W., Bear Creek, WA, 98007.


 内容:前菜と飲み物が事前に準備されます。あなたのすべての持ち物はあなた自身ですが、プレゼントを用意していただく場合は、Cathleenは とTotToys.に登録した必要な物のリストを持って居ます。

 招待状の返信:私たちの個人宅の電話場号555-7362 –か、のメールを通じてご連絡ください。













Key Questions Translation
86. D What event is the open house celebrating?
(A) A marriage
(B) A graduation
(C) An engagement
(D) A birth


(A) 結婚式

(B) 卒業式

(C) 婚約式

(D) 出産

87. B In the invitation, the letters “RSVP” are closest in meaning to
(A) Obey
(B) Respond 
(C) Come
(D) Affirm


(A) 従う

(B) 返事する

(C) 来る

(D) 肯定する

88. A In the invitation, the term “Hors devours” is closest in meaning to
(A) Snacks 
(B) Gifts
(C) Dinner
(D) Photographs

招待状に「Hors devours」(前菜)に意味が一番近いのはどれですか?

(A) 軽い食事

(B) プレゼント

(C) 夕食

(D) 写真

89. C Why can’t Robin attend the open house?
(A) She has to work.
(B) Her husband is sick.
(C) She will be on vacation. 
(D) Her car needs repair.


(A) 彼女は出勤しなければならないから

(B) 彼女の旦那は病気になったから

(C) 彼女は旅行に行くから

(D) 彼女の車は修理される必要があるから
90. D What can be inferred about Robin?
(A) She is a relative of Keegan’s.
(B) She is impulsive.
(C) She is inconsiderate.
(D) She is good friends with Diane.


(A) 彼女はKeeganくんの親戚だ

(B) 彼女はとても衝動的だ

(C) 彼女は無邪気だ

(D) 彼女は Dianeさんの親友だ

Question 91-95

Reading Text

Ferry schedule
Anacortes-Friday Harbor

Leaving Anacortes

Depart Est. Arrive Vessel ADA
6:10 1 7:30 Hyak v
7:45 2 9:30 Chelan v
9:35 10:30 Hyak  
2:40 3:45 Hyak  
4:30 5:35 Chelan  
6:00 7:40 Hyak  
7:25 3 9:15 Chelan v

1 Priority loading for Friday Harbor vehicles. Lopez Island vehicles with trailers may not be loaded. 2 Priority for Sidney, B.C. Vehicles ticketed and in line not later than 7:15 a.m. No vehicles destined for Orcas Island will be loaded; foot passengers permitted. 3 Priority loading, Saturday only, for Friday Harbor vehicles ticketed and in line not later than 7:00 p.m.

Leaving Friday Harbor

Depart Est. Arrive Vessel ADA
6:00 7:20 Chelan  
8:05  9:10 Hyak  
11:15 12:20 pm Hyak  
1:40 1 2:45 Chelan v
4:15 2 5:35 Hyak v
6:00 7:05 Chelan  
8:00 9:20 Hyak  

1 All passengers boarding in Friday Harbor and their belongings are subject to U.S. Customs and Immigration inspections. 2 Limited or no vehicles carried to or from Lopez Islands on Sunday depending on assigned vessel; foot passengers permitted.



Effective Jan. 1st, there will be a new Washington State ferry schedule for the Anacortes-Friday Harbor route. Those planning a trip on that date or afterward should note the following changes:

  • All ferries will depart and arrive 30 minutes later than the current schedule.
  • The vehicle Chelan will be out of service for routine maintenance in January and February. Since its replacement, the Totem, is larger, vehicles destined for Orcas Island WILL be loaded on the second morning run.
  • Extra runs will be added during summer peak season, with days and times to be determined.

The new schedule will be posted by Dec. 15th at the Anacortes and Friday Harbor ferry docks, and online at

If you have any questions in the meantime, please call our 24-hour information line at 800-556-9999.



Anacortes –  Friday







6:10 1 7:30 Hyak v
7:45 2 9:30 Chelan v
9:35 10:30 Hyak  


2:40 3:45 Hyak  
4:30 5:35 Chelan  
6:00 7:40 Hyak  
7:25 3 9:15 Chelan v

1. Friday湾のフェリーに荷物を積み込むことを優先する。トレーラー付きのLopez島からのフェリーには荷物を積み込まれないかもしれません。

2. Sidney,B.Cのフェリーを優先し、最も遅いのは午前7時15分まで並んでチケットを購入することができる。Ocars島行きのフェリーは荷積みされません。乗客はフェリーに乗ることができます。

3. Friday湾のフェリーには、土曜日にだけ荷積みの優先、最も遅いのは午後7時まで並んでチケットを購入することができます。







6:00 7:20 Chelan  
8:05  9:10 Hyak  
11:15 12:20 pm Hyak  
1:40 1 2:45 Chelan v
4:15 2 5:35 Hyak v
6:00 7:05 Chelan  
8:00 9:20 Hyak  






  • 全てのフェリーは現在のスケジュールより30分遅く出発して到着します。
  • Chelanフェリーは定期メンテナンスのため、1月と2月に運休します。代替されたTotemフェリーはより大きいので、Orcars行きのフェリーはスケジュールの第2朝に荷積みされます。
  • 追加便は、最盛夏に追加され、日付と時間が確定されます。



Key Questions Translation
91. B What is the main purpose of the notice?
(A) To notify of ferry maintenance.
(B) To announce a scheduling change. 
(C) To promote the information line.
(D) To reveal new ferry routes.






92. D According to the schedule, when should vehicles leaving Anacortes at 7:45 be in line?
(A) By 6:30 p.m.
(B) By 7 p.m.
(C) By 7 a.m.
(D) By 7:15 a.m.






93. C What is NOT true?
(A) The Totem will temporarily replace the Chelan.
(B) The ferry schedule will be altered by half an hour.
(C) A new schedule will be available by Dec. 25th. 
(D) There will be additional summer ferry runs.




(C) 12月25日に新しいスケジュールが掲載される

(D) 夏に追加便がある

94. A In the schedule, what do the letters ADA indicate?  
(A) The vehicle is handicapped-accessible. 
(B) People in wheelchairs will board first.
(C) Disabled passengers receive a discount.
(D) Handicapped passengers must ride in vehicles.



(B) 車椅子に乗る人は先にフェリーに乗る


(D) 不自由な乗客はフェリーに乗らなければならない

95. C What is implied about the 1:40 p.m. departure from Friday Harbor?
(A) There will be limited vehicle traffic allowed.
(B) Passengers must be in line by 12:30 p.m.
(C) The Chelan will cross an international border. 
(D) The Chelan will arrive later than 2:45 p.m.

午後1時40分に Friday湾から出発する便について示唆されたのはどれですか?





Question 96-97

Reading Text Translation
CineMatic ST Series IV
digital home theater system

Experience movies the way they were meant to be heard.

Immerse yourself in high-quality sound with the easiest home theater solution from Techright.
Sound can bring everything you watch on TV to life with vivid detail — slamming doors, screeching tires, blaring sirens, ringing church bells. But probably not if you’re listening through the speakers built into your TV.
That’s why Techright developed the NEW CineMatic ST Series IV digital home theater speaker system. With a single connection to your TV, you can enjoy the full home theater experience with your favorite shows, movies, and sporting events.
Want to hear what you’ve been missing? Experience the new CineMatic ST Series IV system in your own home risk-free for 30 days, absolutely free, and bring out the full audio potential of your HDTV. You can use your own major credit card to make 12 easy payments, with no interest charges from Techright.

Free shipping with your order.

To order or learn more: 1-800-555-2323.

Better sound through innovation


CineMatic ST Series IV





それはTechrightが新たなCineMatic ST シリーズの自宅のデジタルシネマスピーカーシステムを開発した理由です。自宅のテレビへの唯一の接続で、自分の好きなスポーツイベントまたは映画と番組を自宅のシネマで十分に体験できます。

あなたは何を逃しているか知りたいですか?自宅でリスクを受けることなく30日間でCineMatic ST Series IVシステムを無料で体験して、それから自宅のHDTVの音声の潜在力を発揮しきれてください。自分のクレジットカードでTechrightからの12つの無利息の支払いを簡単に行うことができます。




Key Questions Translation
96. C What is being offered?
(A) A 20-percent discount
(B) Reduced shipping cost
(C) A free 30-day trial 
(D) A new credit card


(A) 20%の割引


(C) 30日間の無料試用

(D) 新しいクレジットカード

97. B How can customers order?
(A) By sending in a coupon
(B) By making a phone call 
(C) By e-mailing the company
(D) By going to a store


(A) 割引券を送り返す

(B) 電話をかける

(C) 会社にメールを送る

(D) 店に行く

Question 98-100

Reading Text Translation

To: All staff
From: James McGuire, VP
Re: Office remodeling

Remodeling work on the third-floor offices will begin the first of next month. While this work is in progress, third-floor workers will be housed on other floors as follows: the sales department will move to the second floor, and graphic design will move to the fourth floor. Supervisors will arrange these accommodations and show staff in those departments their temporary work stations.

We expect the remodel to take approximately three weeks. During this time, we appreciate your cooperation in sharing space and working together. While the arrangement presents some logistical challenges, we are confident that we can meet them and work with minimal disruption to our normal routine during the remodeling period.

To make this transition as smooth as possible, it would be greatly appreciated if the third floor could be vacated, and everyone was in their new stations and ready to work, at 8 a.m. on the First. If there are questions or concerns with the new arrangement, be sure to tell your supervisors ASAP so we can tackle the problems ahead of time.

Thanks in advance for your patience and cooperation. Once the work is finished on the third floor, we are sure you’ll agree that it was worth the time and trouble.
Alan Shepard, VP



差出人: James McGuire, VP







Alan Shepard, 副議長

Key Questions Translation
98. A What is the main purpose of this memo?
(A) To announce a new arrangement 
(B) To reveal the winner of the remodeling bid
(C) To inform staff of a surprise change
(D) To remind workers that the company is moving.


(A) 新しい変更を知らせるため

(B) 修理の入札に勝った人を知らせるため

(C) 突然の変更について社員に知らせるため

(D) 会社は場所を移動していると社員に注意するため

99. B What can be inferred about the company?
(A) It is not very big.
(B) It occupies several floors. 
(C) It is a manufacturer.
(D) It is relatively new.


(A) それはあまり大きくない



(D) それは結構新しい

100. A What does the writer request readers do?
(A) E-mail their supervisors
(B) Disrupt their routines
(C) Move to the fifth floor
(D) Prepare ahead of time



(B) 彼らの通常の働く習慣を破る

(C) 5階に移動する

(D) 事前に準備しておく

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