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Finishing Up – Full Test 2 – Reading

PART 5 Question 101 Key Translation C Hai đối tác đã đi đến một thỏa thuận và quyết định chia sẻ lợi nhuận. (A) agreed – đồng ý (động từ ở dạng quá khứ)(B) agreeable – tán thành, vừa ý (tính từ)(C) agreement – thỏa thuận (danh từ)(D) agree – đồng ý (động từ nguyên […]

Lesson 6 – Drilling Exercise 2

Questions 1-4 Passage Translation London Market Axes is an 1. exceptional program, designed to offer an unrestricted flow of professional communication between large corporations and promising startups. Big and successful corporations have already established stable sources of revenue, therefore they may be facing difficulties in creating new and fresh revenue streams without affecting their existing […]

Lesson 6 – Drilling Exercise 1

Questions 1-2 Reading text Translation To:  [email protected] Subject: Call for Collaboration Dear Mr. Reynolds, It is my pleasure to introduce our company Supply X that specializes in providing office supplies for large companies. We have offices in every major city in the country and we have an excellent business collaboration with hundreds of directors of […]


A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D). Một từ hoặc một cụm từ bị thiếu ở mỗi câu dưới đây. Có bốn lựa chọn dưới […]

Lesson 4 – Practice test

Questions 1-3 Key Questions Translation 1. C What is the main purpose of the announcement? (A) To declare an emergency(B) To publicize an Internet site(C) To inform of to a city project (D) To warn about coming dangers Mục đích chính của thông báo là gì? (A) Để tuyên bố một tình huống khẩn cấp(B) Để […]

Lesson 4 – Drilling exercise 2

Identify key information on printed questions. Tìm từ khóa trong các câu hỏi dưới đây. Key Question More to learn (synonyms) 1.B. why, trainee, competent, contributed, firm, productive, dedicated, work, hire Why did you hire both of the trainees? A. They were highly competent.B. They contributed a lot to the firm.C. They were very productive.D. They […]

Lesson 1 – Drilling Exercise 1

Listen and choose all the objects/people that appear in the photo (you can choose more than 1 option) Nghe và chọn tất cả các đối tượng /người xuất hiện trong tranh (bạn có thể chọn nhiều hơn một đáp án) Question 1 Key Scripts More to learn (synonyms) AB D A. Specialties – Món đặc […]

Lesson 3 – Drilling Exercise 3

Choose the option that has the closest meaning to the sentence. Chọn đáp án gần nghĩa nhất với câu gốc. Question 1 Keys Scripts and question Translation B We tried to find locations off the beaten track. A. We attempted to find places easily accessible. B. We made an effort to find isolated places.C. We struggled […]

Lesson 3 – Drilling Exercise 1

Listen and choose the synonym for the word you hear. Nghe và chọn từ đồng nghĩa với từ mà bạn nghe thấy. Question 1 Keys Scripts More to learn (Synonyms) B Extend – Kéo dài/mở rộng A. Obtain – Đạt đượcB. Prolong – Kéo dàiC. Limit – Giới hạn to extend – to continue: tiếp diễn– […]