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Finishing Up – Full Test 2 – Reading

PART 5 Question 101 Key Translation C Hai đối tác đã đi đến một thỏa thuận và quyết định chia sẻ lợi nhuận. (A) agreed – đồng ý (động từ ở dạng quá khứ)(B) agreeable – tán thành, vừa ý (tính từ)(C) agreement – thỏa thuận (danh từ)(D) agree – đồng ý (động từ nguyên […]

Finishing Up – Full Test 2 – Listening

PART 1 Question 1 Key Scripts Translation B (A) The woman is watching TV.(B) The woman is looking at the monitor.(C) The woman is drinking coffee.(D) The woman is making a call. (A) Người phụ nữ đang xem TV.(B) Người phụ nữ đang nhìn vào màn hình.(C) Người phụ nữ đang uống cà phê.(D) Người […]

Finishing Up – Full Test 1 – Listening

PART 1 Question 1 Key Scripts Translation B (A) The doctors are drawing some blood.(B) The scientists are working in the laboratory.(C) The students are preparing for an examination.(D) The workers are mixing a cocktail. (A) Các bác sĩ đang lấy máu.(B) Các nhà khoa học đang làm việc trong phòng thí nghiệm.(C) Các học […]

Lesson 7 – Drilling Exercise 7

Choose the correct answer to the following questions Passage 1. Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to complain about the poor service of Norton Rail during the last week. As you are well aware, the train to London was late every day, which resulted in my being late for the course I have been attending there. […]

Lesson 7 – Drilling Exercise 6

Choose the correct answer to the following questions Passage 1. Topping the list of European countries which spent large amounts of money on advertising, Germany was and remained the greatest spender from 1996 with 16 billion to 1999 with 25 billion, having seen a steep rise in 1998. The second largest spender, the UK, gradually […]

Lesson 7 – Drilling Exercise 5

Match key ideas with their paraphrased equivalence in the options Tìm từ đồng nghĩa với các từ trong bài. Passage 1. Dear Ms. Taylor, I am writing regarding the job vacancy as a managing director at “Infinity Electronics.” I am currently employed as a Software Consultant, responsible for leading and organizing ERP software implementation of […]

Lesson 7 – Drilling Exercise 4

Passage 1. Managing a company successfully can be a daunting task even for the most capable and efficient individuals. The natural born, progressive leaders inspire their employees, rather than command them. They lead by example. It is a known fact that employees thrive in a positive working environment.  Unfortunately, not every employee is this fortunate, […]

Lesson 7 – Drilling Exercise 2

Choose the correct synonyms for the following words No Translation 1. B Tìm từ đồng nghĩa với từ: disperse – phân tánA. press – nhấnB. scatter – rải rácC. boost – thúc đẩyD. rebate – hoàn tiền 2. D Tìm từ đồng nghĩa với từ: thorough – kĩ lưỡng, tỉ mỉ  A. figured – tìm […]

Lesson 7 – Drilling Exercise 1

Identify key words in the following questions and options Xác định từ khóa trong các câu hỏi và đáp án sau Key Translation 1. A – What, platform, reputation, risk, frequent, complaints, questionable, post, share, phone number, strict, term 1. Điều gì đe dọa đến danh tiếng của nền tảng?A. những phàn nàn thường xuyênB. […]

Lesson 3 – Practice Test

Questions 1-3 Key Questions Translation 1. B What are the speakers mainly discussing? (A) Salary(B) Work hours (C) Benefits(D) Vacations Vấn đề chính hai người đang thảo luận là gì? (A) Lương(B) Giờ làm việc (C) Phúc lợi(D) Nghỉ phép 2. D What can be inferred about the woman? (A) She has only one child.(B) She is looking […]